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Citrus Revitalise | Natural Candle

Citrus Revitalise | Natural Candle

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Scent your space the natural way with clean burning, plant-based aromatherapy candles.

Citrus Revitalise opens with fresh notes of lemongrass, later leading into a full heart of sweet may-chang. For a harmonious blend, we've chosen to use cedarwood as our base note - making this the perfect citrus-woods accord.

We love burning citrus revitalise during the daytime - it's a beautiful aroma to have running in the background for an extra boost of vitality.

Product information

  •   Coconut & rapeseed wax blend
  •   Pure and natural essential oils - lemongrass, May Chang and cedarwood.
  •   18 hours burn time - 85g | 3oz
  •   Lead-free cotton wick - soot free
  •   Free from paraffin, soy, palm, beeswax and synthetic tragrances
  •   Vegan friendly and cruelty free
  •   Every candle hand poured in the UK
  •   Signature bespoke essential oil blends, created by us.
  •   Reuseable glass vessel
  •   Biodegradable product labels
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