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HERBAL TEA Scented Candle

HERBAL TEA Scented Candle

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A light-hearted and joyful scented candle.

This fragrance will fill you with positivi-tea! Uplifting floral notes of chamomile and lavender. Think of an English summer meadow with a twist of invigorating eucalyptus.

Stir the senses.

Herbal tea is best served in any room. Why not try guest bedrooms, living rooms and as part of your morning routine (just like your normal cuppa!) to awaken and set you off to a great start.


Top notes - Eucalyptus, Coriander

Middle notes - Sage, Lavender, Chamomile

Bottom notes - Thyme, Lemongrass 

Product Information 

  •   200g (100% Plant-Based Wax)
  •   45 hour burn time
  •   Made in England
  •   Fully Recyclable packaging
  •   Vegan & Cruelty-free


  •   When first burning allow the wax melt pool to reach the edges.
  •   Burn candle for minimum two hours and maximum four hours.
  •   Should you experience clumping on the wick, trim it 15mm.
  •   Avoid short burns as this can lead to tunnelling affect.
  •   Keep out of direct sunlight, as this could lead to discolouring and melting wax.
  •   Ensure there is no debris on candle wax, this could affect the flame and potentially cause smoke.
  •   Extinguish candle when only 10mm of wax remains at the bottom. Do not relight.

Top tip for colder months

• On first burn ensure your candle is warmed, as the cold can affect the burn and the wax may tunnel.

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